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Monday, October 19, 2015

Visit to Delhi on 16th October 2015

Dear Comrades,

      Myself along with Shri Ram Lalit, Assistant Secretary General (additional charge of Liaison Secretary) and Shri Prabhakar Kr. Singh, member of Kolkata zonal Committee, had a visit to Delhi and met honourable (Member P&V), CBEC. Appointment was sought from honourable Minister of State for Finance, the Revenue Secretary and the Chairman, CBEC (Click here to see our appointment letter & appointment letter). However, honourable Member (P&V), wanted to have a discussion with this association on the issues mentioned in the appointment letter.

      During the discussion, leaders apprised her of the agony and resentment resulted amongst the members of the association after publication of the Recruitment Rules (RRs) of Executive Assistant on 28th September 2015. It was also brought to her notice that no discussion was held with this association before finalisation of the said RR. A submission (Click here to see our submission Page-1 & Page-2) was handed over to her from this side and all the points were narrated to her. It was demanded, that the RR should be repealed. After giving a patient hearing, she agreed, in principle, that it would have adverse effect on the present Tax Assistants (TA) and suggested for sending their representation through respective Chief Commissioners and suggested that the representations by all the effected Tax Assistants be submitted to Board through respective Chief Commissioner.

    On giving promotion to the vacant pre cadre restructured post, she reiterated that the Board letter dated 17 September 2015 clearly states that the pre restructured posts would be filled up only as per the guidelines of RR of those posts.

     On relaxation issue, she asserted that the files are on the move and regarding promotion to the grade of CAO, she reiterated that the work is going on in full swing to give it effect at the earliest.

    A Model representation is being prepared and placed here in our next message for facilitation of instant representation by all effected TAs.   

Yours Comradely,


(Sankar Kumar Saha)

Secretary General

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