Ministerial officers of CBIC have observed two peaceful protest programmes on 11th October and 30th October 2018. Both the programmes had spontaneous participation of these officers to protest the negative attitude of CBIC towards ministerial cadre officers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



Dear Comrades,

       We had an excellent session at Ahmedabad. Thanks to the leaders and delegates, who have taken pain to join the session.  Ahmedabad unit has put in their best to make the stay comfortable and there was no lacunae in the part of hospitality. Problems have been heard, discussed and resolution taken for the probable ways to get the solution.  It is understood that some zones do not have strong team to take up the issues with the authority. National leaders have assured to extend support to make strong association in those zones, which is the need of the hour.  Once again, I express my gratitude to all those who have contributed their best, whether physically or financially, directly or indirectly, to make the Gujarat convention and National meeting very very 'successful'.

   In the meantime, Board has issued a letter on 20th Jan, 2016 enclosing a list of 288 A.O.s name whose complete documents/information are required for convening the DPC for promotion to the post of Chief Accounts Officer.  (Board letter is linked herewith - click on Letter & Annexure).  Zonal leaders are requested to follow up in their respective zones to send the documents/information to the Board immediately.

Yours Comradely,
(Sankar Kumar Saha)
Secretary General

Monday, January 25, 2016

The emergency meeting of the all India Association and 1st Convention of the Gujarat Unit, held on 23.01.2016 in Ahmedabad

   The emergency meeting of the all India Association and 1st Convention of the Gujarat Unit, held on 23rd January, 2016 in Ahmedabad turned out to be a grand success.  Delegates from all over the country took part.  The meeting was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief guest Dr. Manoj Kumar Rajak, IRS, Addl. Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad. The All India meeting, discussed various issues at length which are having adverse impact on the career of our members.  The issues, discussed broadly are as under:

1.The Recruitment Rules of Executive Assistant and Tax Assistant.
2. Possible notification of Recruitment Rules of Inspector.
3. Issues related to implementation to 7th CPC.
4. Promotion to the post of CAO and Seniority List of Administrative Officer.
5.One Time Relaxation for promotion to various grades on the basis of existing RRs.

       The delegates resolved to go even to the extent of agitation to pursue to the above issues.  Simultaneously legal options on the issue of Recruitment Rules of EA & TA would also be explored.  To start with appointment would be sought with the Revenue Secretary to ventilate our grievance and disparity that exists on various fronts between CBDT and CBEC, particularly the matter of Pay structure and Recruitment Rules.

      It was also a matter of great satisfaction that different Commissionerates located in various parts of Gujarat came together for the sake of unity and formed an all Gujarat State Committee, covering the entire State of Gujarat and union territory of Dadra, Daman & Diu.  Shri Vikash Kumar Gupta was selected unanimously as General Secretary of all Gujarat Committee.  The details of the Committee is being given in the website of the state unit. 

     Shri Sankar Kumar Saha who was hitherto acting as Secretary General after the promotion of G. Samdani Khan to Inspector, has been unanimously elected as Secretary General of this association.  Shri Prosenjit Pandey and Shri Suman Sarkar have also been assigned the function of Treasurer and the Office Secretary of this association respectively.  The other office bearers, holding different portfolio of the central committee remained unchanged.

      I would like to thank on behalf of the entire country to Shri Vikash Kumar Gupta, Shri Indramohan Choudhury & Shri Kishor Parmar for making such great efforts to make this all Gujarat as well as All India Special meeting held in Ahmedabad.

       The details of the meeting of the All India body and the delegates present and the minutes adopted are being provided in our subsequent message.


(Ashim Pramanick)

Monday, January 18, 2016



                  I hope that by now, you have finalized your travel schedule to attend the emergency meeting in Ahmedabad on 23rd January, 2016.  The meeting of the Gujarat Committee will also be held simultaneously.  Our friends of Gujarat are making all efforts to make you stay comfortable and the meeting, a grand success.  So once again I appeal our Comrades of different zones, all over the country to attend the Gujarat meeting.

                  The submissions made by this association to board in response to Board's recent communications are linked herewith - CLICK TO (Board letter dated 14.12.15 for RR of EA & Letter dt.15.01.16 submitted to Board to protest against the RR of EA) and (Board's letter dt.29.12.15 for JAC meeting & Comments submitted to Board for JAC meeting).  We will discuss on each every issue on 23rd Jan, 2016 in Ahmedabad.  See you there.

Yours Comradely,

(Ashim Pramanick)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Promotion to the post of Inspector against the additional posts created through Cadre Restructuring & Relaxation in the RRs of Inspector

    Secretary General, Sankar Kumar Saha has sent the following letter dated 07.01.16 (CLICK Page-1 & Page-2) to the Board, requesting to convey the decision of the Board to consider all the vacancies as on date in the grade of Inspector including the additional posts (strength) created through Cadre Restructuring for promotion to the post of Inspector.
     In the meantime in reply to this Association's earlier letter under Ref. AICESTMOA/2015/47 dated 02.12.2015, this association has also received one intimation from the Board (CLICK HERE TO SEE) regarding One time relaxation in Recruitment Rules for the posts of Inspector, AO, STA & TA. The Board has informed this association that the matter of Relaxation to the post of Inspector is under consideration of the Board and as soon as any decision is taken, it will be intimated to all Cadre Controlling Authorities immediately. The scan copy of the same is also posted below for information:

Friday, January 1, 2016


Dear Comrades, 
The leadership of this association wishes a very happy and prosperous new year 2016 to all its members all across the country.

Graphic Happy New Year -mn3

We sincerely hope that 2016 will bring some solutions of some of the raging problems, engendered in 2015 and even prior to that.  Problems are many and stiff.  We have lots to ponder about the future of our service career and well beings of our family.  But today it is not the right day to delve in such perturbations.  Let us trust our ability and the conviction to concur the difficulties.  I would like to reassure our members that we shall continue to render our best of efforts to further the cause of ministerial cadre in every fora.  I appeal all the ministerial officers posted at different Commissionerates in Central Excise and Service Tax formations to come forward and join hands to form a strong and vibrant association.  It is the platform on which we can share our pains and discuss the ways and means to combat the odds.  The platform can only function on a long term basis once everybody comes forward in his own capacity.  Comrades there is no shortcut routes for success.  We only have to struggle and struggle together.

    Our Comrades of the Gujarat Zone has provided us a grand opportunity to come together at this crucial stage.  As we have already informed that an emergency meeting of the association will be held in Ahmedabad along with the zonal meeting of the Gujarat unit on 23.01.2016 in Ahmedabad.  May I take this opportunity to invite you once again to Ahmedabad on 23.01.2016 and the beautiful state of Gujarat (LINKED HEREWITH). 


Yours comradely,

                                                    Sd/-                                                                       Sd/-
(Ashim Pramanick)     (Sankar Kr. Saha)
   President              Secretary General