Ministerial officers of CBIC have observed two peaceful protest programmes on 11th October and 30th October 2018. Both the programmes had spontaneous participation of these officers to protest the negative attitude of CBIC towards ministerial cadre officers.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear Comrades,

       We are still struggling to get CAO DPC finalized.  Certain information is still pending from the following zones:-

Central Excise,  Mumbai-I &  Mumbai-II Zone                                        -              for 16 Officers

Central Excise,  Bangalore Zone                                                            -              for 05 Officers

Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax,  
Hyderabad Zone                     
                    -              for 05 Officers

Central Excise & Customs, Lucknow Zone                                            -              for 07 Officers

Central Excise & Customs, Vadodara Zone                                           -              for 02 Officers
   Customs & Central Excise, Directorate of Public & 
   Public Relations            
                          -              for 02 Officers

Member (P&V) has written a DO letter to concerned Chief Commissioner’s to send the desired reports by 27th May, 2014.  

I request the leaders of the concerned zones and the central office bearers to take initiatives and pursue with the concerned zonal administrations, so that the reports are sent in time.  It is sad to note that the leaders of some of those very zones regularly pursue with us whereas the reports are pending from their zones themselves.  

Kindly do the needful so that at least the officers retiring in the month of June, 2014 can get their long-over-due promotion before retirement.  

As regards to Cadre Restructuring, we share anxiety of many of our members the order on allocation of posts and the related notification on newly curved out Commissionerates are yet to be issued.  

It is understood that the related files are now being vetted at the highest level in the Board’s office. 

Comradely yours

    Sudharsan J                                 Ashim Pramanik
Secretary General                               President

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dear friends,

As you are aware that your association always remains alert and alive to the development those concern us and our future.  We were given to understand that Shri Rajiv Takru, IAS, Secretary (Revenue), on assumption of charges of Department of Revenue, during April, 2014 has been showing keen interest in the problems and demands of different Cadre Associations in CBEC.  Accordingly, we sought an appointment with Secretary (Revenue) and got it on 5th May, 2014.

The undersigned along with Comrades of Delhi and Kolkata attended the meeting at the scheduled date and time.  While it was conveyed that we were not particularly keen only to halt this present Cadre Restructuring but we had some genuine grievances which had not been addressed during the present Cadre Restructuring.  We submitted a resentation which will speak for itself ( click here for the submission).

Secretary (Revenue), was very kind to give a patient hearing to our problems and wanted to know the full details and background of our issues.  The meeting lasted for more than half an hour.  He assured to look into our demands by obtaining feedback from the Board.

Before, the meeting with Secretary (Revenue), we also met the Chairperson, CBEC in her chamber where Member (P&V) and DGHRD were present.  We explained our position and apprised the issues to be taken up with Secretary (Revenue).

Member (P&V) also took a separate meeting on 6th May, 2014 where we further explained the problems of DOS, getting merged with STA in the Cadre Restructuring.  We also pointed out the fact that the Board needs to come out with a specific stand when it comes to implementation of Chandigarh judgement on the question of applicability of upper age limit on promotion to Inspector. 

We made it amply clear that our basic demand of re-organization of administrative wing on the lines of CBDT, is not to be compromised and we will continue to agitate in different forum till it is achieved.

We also pursued issue relating to promotion to Chief Accounts Officer (CAO).  As of now, pendency of some information is there for about 50 officers among the list of 345 officers.  Member (P&V) has assured that she would personally pursue with the concerned Chief Commissioners to set right the discrepancies.  The objective is to send the complete proposal to UPSC by 1st week of June, 2014.

Thanking you,
Comradely yours,
                                                                    (Ashim Pramanick)

Cadre restructure

Dear comrades,

It is informed that the cadre restructure file was finally signed by our Finance Minister.

Secy General. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Meeting with Revenue Secretary

Dear Comrades

This Association had sought an appointment with the Revenue Secretary to discuss important issues relating to ministerial cadres prior to implementation of cadre restructuring.  The Hon'ble Revenue Secretary is kind enough to give this Association an appointment on 05.05.2014 at 11.00 AM.  

I request the regional office bearers/ zonal leaders who wanted to put forth their suggestions pertaining to the Ministerial cadre may send to the All India Association office bearers who are likely to meet the Revenue Secretary may at New Delhi for discussion.

Details of the meeting will be updated.