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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Dear Comrades

          Myself accompanied by leaders from Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata undertook a visit to Delhi from 15.07.2014 to 17.07.2014 to take stock and pursue various burning issues.  We were ably assisted by Shri J Sudharshan, Secretary General who provided us various inputs and documents to Delhi as he could not turn up owing to unavoidable reasons. During our stay we had separate meetings with Chairperson, Member (P&V), DG (HRD) & concerned Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary.  The outcome of the meetings and the state of various issues are briefed as under:-

Cadre Restructuring:   

We all know that the proposal for Cadre Restructuring and creation of additional posts have been approved by the Cabinet on 05.12.2013.  We also know that the former Finance Minister, just before quitting office, has also okayed the proposal of CBEC on various actions to be taken on implementation of such approved Cadre Restructuring proposals.  The Geographical jurisdiction of the newly created Commissionerates of various zones vis-à-vis the no. of zones and the allocation of posts to each zones, have also been finalized.  We also learnt that the former Finance Minister has himself given specific direction and advised to ensure that all potential hindrances in the process of implementation of Cadre Restructuring proposal are taken care of.

DG (HRD) has finalized all the papers to be circulated to the zones sometimes back which has also been approved by the Chairperson, CBEC.  This was sent to Ad.IV Section of CBEC for vetting compilation and circulation.  It is understood that the work is also complete there.  However Board has decided to bring the Cadre Restructuring proposal to the notice of the Hon’ble Ministers of the present Government before circulation.  It is expected that this process will also be over shortly, paving way for circulation of all necessary instructions to the zones.  It is also expected that the date of creation of newly re-organized Commissionerates would be fixed at the time of circulation of instructions.

Promotion to Chief Accounts Officer (CAO):    

The Chairperson, CBEC during the meeting on 16.07.2014 has given direction that the proposal for DPC for the years 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 be sent to UPSC by 21.07.2014.  It is learnt that the proposal is being sent to UPSC on 22.07.2014.  However, there is still some minor deficiency which is wanting from a few zones.  The date of the DPC will be fixed only after receipt of such information.  The leaders of this Association are constantly pursuing to obtain such information/documents.

DG(HRD) has also initiated the work of preparation of a Seniority List of CAO. They have sought information from the zones vide letter F.No.8/B/112/HRD (HRDM)/2014 dated 8th July 2014. I request all the zones to send the required reports.
Promotion to Inspector and age restriction:   
While it has been assured that age restriction would be removed in the new Recruitment Rule, there is some confusion in some zones while implementing the judgement dated 17.03.2010 of Hon’ble CAT, Chandigarh bench which provides that as per Note:2 of the existing Recruitment Rule of Inspector officers who have appeared departmental examination within 50 years, can be promoted to Inspector even beyond the age of 50 years.  
However, the Board vide its letter under F.No. A. 32022/08/2009-Ad.III.A dated 18.07.2012, withdrew its earlier directions and thereby, re-imposed the upper age limit of 50 years.   Some Officers availed such benefit for a limited period, whereas the others remained deprived.   After this association made a repeated request the Board has informed that the      removal of age relaxation is under active consideration and it is will be finalized as and when the Recruitment Rules of Inspector is amended.  However we have pointed out that certain zones are considering the age relaxation thus by allowing people who have crossed 50 years for promotion but in certain zones they are not being considered.  
This association has requested to maintain an uniformity to ensure its implementation in non-implementing zones pending framing of new Recruitment Rule.  It has been decided in our meeting with the Chairperson, CBEC on 16.07.2014 in presence of Member (P&V), DG(HRD) & JS(Admin.) that the issue will be further looked into.

Recruitment Rule:        

We have once again requested to incorporate the “Saving provision” (as per DoPT’s guidelines for framing/ amendment/ relaxation of Recruitment Rule dated 25.03.1996) in the new Recruitment Rules so that the existing length of eligible service remains applicable for promotion of the existing TAs/STAs.  This will curtail the negative impact on promotional prospect if the length of eligible service is enhanced in the new Recruitment Rules.  We also took up the anomalies in the newly circulated TA Recruitment Rule (Click here to get the submission dated 16.07.14).

It was also requested to fill up all the vacancies, resulting out of the process of Cadre Restructuring, on the basis of the existing Recruitment Rule, without waiting for the new Recruitment Rule.  It was also impressed upon that relaxation will be required in the RR to fill up the vacancies, in keeping with the objective of the Cadre Restructuring (Click here to get the submission dated 16.07.14).
This Association is grateful to Chairperson, CBEC for convening  a meaningful meeting in the presence of Member(P&V), DG(HRD), ADG(HRM), JS(Admin.), DS (Ad.IIIA) and US (Ad.IIA) on 16.07.2014.  This has provided us to understand the present state of various issues and ventilate our point of views and demands.  The decisions were taken during the meeting itself.  Separate meeting with Member(P&V) & DG(HRD) were also fruitful.

Comradely yours

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear Comrades,

       We are still struggling to get CAO DPC finalized.  Certain information is still pending from the following zones:-

Central Excise,  Mumbai-I &  Mumbai-II Zone                                        -              for 16 Officers

Central Excise,  Bangalore Zone                                                            -              for 05 Officers

Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax,  
Hyderabad Zone                     
                    -              for 05 Officers

Central Excise & Customs, Lucknow Zone                                            -              for 07 Officers

Central Excise & Customs, Vadodara Zone                                           -              for 02 Officers
   Customs & Central Excise, Directorate of Public & 
   Public Relations            
                          -              for 02 Officers

Member (P&V) has written a DO letter to concerned Chief Commissioner’s to send the desired reports by 27th May, 2014.  

I request the leaders of the concerned zones and the central office bearers to take initiatives and pursue with the concerned zonal administrations, so that the reports are sent in time.  It is sad to note that the leaders of some of those very zones regularly pursue with us whereas the reports are pending from their zones themselves.  

Kindly do the needful so that at least the officers retiring in the month of June, 2014 can get their long-over-due promotion before retirement.  

As regards to Cadre Restructuring, we share anxiety of many of our members the order on allocation of posts and the related notification on newly curved out Commissionerates are yet to be issued.  

It is understood that the related files are now being vetted at the highest level in the Board’s office. 

Comradely yours

    Sudharsan J                                 Ashim Pramanik
Secretary General                               President

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dear friends,

As you are aware that your association always remains alert and alive to the development those concern us and our future.  We were given to understand that Shri Rajiv Takru, IAS, Secretary (Revenue), on assumption of charges of Department of Revenue, during April, 2014 has been showing keen interest in the problems and demands of different Cadre Associations in CBEC.  Accordingly, we sought an appointment with Secretary (Revenue) and got it on 5th May, 2014.

The undersigned along with Comrades of Delhi and Kolkata attended the meeting at the scheduled date and time.  While it was conveyed that we were not particularly keen only to halt this present Cadre Restructuring but we had some genuine grievances which had not been addressed during the present Cadre Restructuring.  We submitted a resentation which will speak for itself ( click here for the submission).

Secretary (Revenue), was very kind to give a patient hearing to our problems and wanted to know the full details and background of our issues.  The meeting lasted for more than half an hour.  He assured to look into our demands by obtaining feedback from the Board.

Before, the meeting with Secretary (Revenue), we also met the Chairperson, CBEC in her chamber where Member (P&V) and DGHRD were present.  We explained our position and apprised the issues to be taken up with Secretary (Revenue).

Member (P&V) also took a separate meeting on 6th May, 2014 where we further explained the problems of DOS, getting merged with STA in the Cadre Restructuring.  We also pointed out the fact that the Board needs to come out with a specific stand when it comes to implementation of Chandigarh judgement on the question of applicability of upper age limit on promotion to Inspector. 

We made it amply clear that our basic demand of re-organization of administrative wing on the lines of CBDT, is not to be compromised and we will continue to agitate in different forum till it is achieved.

We also pursued issue relating to promotion to Chief Accounts Officer (CAO).  As of now, pendency of some information is there for about 50 officers among the list of 345 officers.  Member (P&V) has assured that she would personally pursue with the concerned Chief Commissioners to set right the discrepancies.  The objective is to send the complete proposal to UPSC by 1st week of June, 2014.

Thanking you,
Comradely yours,
                                                                    (Ashim Pramanick)

Cadre restructure

Dear comrades,

It is informed that the cadre restructure file was finally signed by our Finance Minister.

Secy General. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Meeting with Revenue Secretary

Dear Comrades

This Association had sought an appointment with the Revenue Secretary to discuss important issues relating to ministerial cadres prior to implementation of cadre restructuring.  The Hon'ble Revenue Secretary is kind enough to give this Association an appointment on 05.05.2014 at 11.00 AM.  

I request the regional office bearers/ zonal leaders who wanted to put forth their suggestions pertaining to the Ministerial cadre may send to the All India Association office bearers who are likely to meet the Revenue Secretary may at New Delhi for discussion.

Details of the meeting will be updated.



Friday, April 25, 2014

CAO DPC - Deficiency list - regarding

Dear Comrades,

Ad.II.A section has circulated a list of 99 AOs whose particulars have not been received or received with certain shortcomings, which have been detailed in the Board's letter (please click here to see the Board's letter) (Click here to view the list of officers).

This Association has taken up the issue with Board authorities to ensure that CAO DPC is conducted soon (click here to see the letter).

It is requested that all the office bearers of regional/zonal units to take up the above issue before the concerned CCA and ensure that the reports are reached in time so that the CAO DPCs take place at the earliest.

Comradely yours


Friday, April 4, 2014

CAO Promotion & Recruitment Rules for the post of Tax Assistant

Dear Comrades,

Ad-II A section is yet to receive ACRs/APARs of the following 09 (Nine) Administrative  officers in connection with the promotion to the grade of Chief Accounts Officer (CAO). They have also checked the records of DGHRD.

Sl. No.
Name of the Administrative Officers (Shri/Smt./S)

Present Place of Posting (Zone wise)


Mumbai Zone
Lucknow Zone
Nagpur Zone
Vadodara Zone

The Zonal leaders are requested to pursue with the local Administration, so that the records are sent to CBEC at the earliest.

This undersigned during a meeting with Hon’ble Chairperson on 25.02.2014 has requested that the qualifying service for promotion to the post of Tax Assistant from LDC needs to be further relaxed from 7 years to 5 years as huge number of posts are lying vacant in the grade of Tax Assistant in many zones.

In the meanwhile the board has circulated the Tax Assistant RRs in which the qualifying service has been enhanced from 5 years to 8 years (in terms of DoP&T instruction).  Further in the notification, the minimum educational qualification for LDCs will be Higher Secondary and Combined regular service in the grade of LDC and Head Havaldar shall be taken into consideration for qualifying service.

However, the Ministry has failed to take into consideration of the DOP&T's general guidelines on Framing / Amendment / Relaxation of Recruitment Rules PART-III vide (DOPT OM No. AB 14017/66/2008-Estt (RR) dated 9.3.2009) which is reproduced below



3.1.3 Where the eligibility service for promotion prescribed in the existing rules is being enhanced (to be in conformity with the guidelines issues by this Department) and the change is likely to affect adversely some persons holding the feeder grade posts on regular basis, a note to the effect that the eligibility service shall continue to be the same for persons holding the feeder posts on regular basis on the date of notification of the revised rules, could be included in the revised rules.

It appears that the Ministry has erroneously mentioned Head Havaldar instead of Havaldar for calculation of combined service in the grade of LDC for further promotion to the grade of Tax Assistants.

A letter addressed to Chairperson in this regard can be seen by clicking the link below.

This association has been repeatedly addressing the board for initiating a consultation process with this association prior to any amendment in the Recruitment Rules.
Hopefully, the board will heed to our request in future.

Comradely yours
Sudharsan J
Secretary General

Friday, March 14, 2014

CAO DPC Deficiency list

Dear Comrades,
In-spite of regular appeals made by this association, the particulars called by the AD-IIA section regarding DPC for the promotion to the grade of Chief Accounts Officer for the year 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14, large number of dossiers pertaining to almost all the regions/Central Excise zones are yet to reach board’s office. 
A name list of the officers whose dossiers are either incomplete or not yet reached to board's office has been handed over by the AD-IIA section to this association. 
Comrades, There is no point on blaming the boards’ office, for not completing the exercise before our officials get retired.  We need to blame ourselves for the negligence on our part for not ensuring that the requisite particulars are sent in time without deficiencies.
This association humbly requests all the members working in the field formations to look into this issue and take up before the concerned officials of your region for further compliance.
Let us not forget the undue delay will have a cascading effect on all the promotions down the lane in the seniority list.
Please call 011 2309 5503 the AD-IIA section if any clarification is required on the above list.

Ashim Pramanik

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Dear Comrade,
     The undersigned along with Comrades from Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata have met officers at various levels at New Delhi to pursue various issues, arising out of Cadre Restructuring and otherwise.  Below is the factual matrix of what happened during 27th Jan to 29th Jan, 2014 through our collective efforts.
     We had a scheduled meeting at 15.30 hrs. with Shri Najib Shah, DG (DRI) who is the Chairman on operational issues and reorganization for implementation of Cadre Restructuring.  We met him around 16.30 hrs. at his chamber and expressed our dissatisfaction over the treatment, matted out to us through this Cadre Restructuring.  We have also requested to maintain openness when it comes to allocation of posts to various zones.
     We had drawn the attention to the need for revamping the duties and functions of CAO, AO, Executive Assistant (EA) and Tax Assistant.  We have asked for assignment of certain functions like refund, rebate, draw back cheques, revenue reconciliation, audit functions etc. for CAO & AO.  We have also requested for alignment of Executive Assistant and Tax Assistant with the executive functions of the department.  The submission made in this regard is pasted below.

     On 28th morning, we met Shri Yogendra Garg, the Chairman of the committee for DPC from Group-B to Group-A.  We have apprised him that the promotion to CAO from AO is also to be expedited by his committee and handed over the copy of the letter from the Board, seeking VC/IC etc. of 345 Administrative Officers.  He has assured to take all necessary action in this regard.  Shri R.S. Gautam, Liaison Secretary, stationed at Delhi has been asked to follow up.
     Thereafter we met Shri B.K. Bansal, the Chairman of the Committee on Recruitment Rule.  He had clarified that he would only consider those issues which are pertinent for framing/amendment of new Recruitment Rule.  Whatever relaxation etc. that may be required for the existing Recruitment Rule would not come under the purview of his committee.  He advised to take up such issues with the Board.
     We had drawn his attention about the provisions of the guidelines on framing of Recruitment Rule, issued by the DoPT, whereby the existing length of eligible service can be retained for the existing employees, in the event of revision of eligible service through framing of new Recruitment Rule.  We requested that the eligible service for promotion to Inspector and Executive Assistant (present STA) be retained as it is at present by making a suitable provision in the respective Recruitment Rules.  We had also asked that the length of service for both STA & DOS are to be counted for Executive Assistant in the new Recruitment Rule.
     In the afternoon we met Smt. Mala Srivastav, Member (P&V) and had a very cordial and meaningful meeting with her.  We explained our dissatisfaction about our demand for restructuring of administrative wing in the form of Principal Administrative Officer, Administrative Officer Grade-I, Administrative Officer Grade-II, Administrative Officer Grade-III, not being considered, despite being raised right from the day one.  On the contrary, DOS & STA have been merged to downgrade a supervisory post.
     She asked our burning issues which she could solve immediately.  We took up the following issues:-
(i)   Immediate holding of DPC for CAO.
(ii)   Regularizing the problem of promotion to Administrative Officer to restore homogeneity among various zones.
(iii) Relaxation in the form of 100% promotion against all vacancies through Cadre Restructuring.
(iv)  Age & Height relaxation and relaxation of eligible service whenever required for promotion to Inspector.
She assured to examine the above issues with the concerned Board officials and also asked to submit separate representation on each of the issues.  We are in the process of finalizing our submission.
On 29th we went to the office of HRM & took stalk of the insight on various actions taken on Cadre Restructuring front.  The Core Committee on Cadre Restructuring was in a meeting in New Custom House, the entire day.  It is understood that they would first finalize the zone wise allocation of Commissionerates and entire matter is being reassessed to take a final call.  Subsequently, the allocation of posts will follow and the promotions to Group-B & Group-C levels will commence when we have to re double our efforts.
Our Secretary General during his next visit will continue to take up our demands before the CBEC.  We will strive to deliver the best and solicit your consistent and generous co-operation.
Thanking you.
(Ashim Pramanick)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Final All India Seniority of Administrative Officers

Dear Comrades,

The Final All India Seniority of Administrative Officers (Central Excise & Directorates) for the period upto 31.12.2008 has been finally published by the DGHRD (CBEC) on 23.01.2014.  

(Click here to view the Seniority list).

It is informed that the DPC to the grade of Chief Accounts Officer will be conducted on the basis of the final seniority published on 23.01.2014.  Due to the consistent efforts and pressure put down by the All India Federation the zone of consideration list for promotion to the grade of CAO was issued by the Board office and the same was placed on our blog in our previous posting.

It is once again stressed that all our National/Zonal/Regional leaders to take up the issue before the concerned Cadre Controlling Authorities of their respective zones and ensure that the Vigilance Clearance, CCR Dossiers, Penalty Imposed if any statement and other requisite particulars sought by the board may reach in time, thus we can ensure that none of the Administrative Officers will retire without getting their promotion which is due for them. 

The undersigned and the All India President along with some of the regional leaders are scheduled to meet the Committees Chairperson/members constituted for implementation of the Cadre-restructure during our visit to the capital on 27/28/29 of January’2014 to discuss the issues pertaining to our Ministerial cadre.

Regarding the Seniority Case pending in the Supreme Court of India the matter was listed on 23.01.2014.  Since the Department has asked for an adjournment for 2 weeks the matter was posted for hearing on 5th February’2014. 

I want to remember all our comrades that united we stand, divided we fall.   

Let us be vigilant at least now and put a brave front against our opponents.


Comradely yours
       Sudharsan J                   Asim Pramanik
Secretary General                  President