The emergency executive committee meeting of all India Central Excise and Service Tax Ministerial Officers Association and convention of the Gujarat Unit were held jointy on 23rd January, 2016 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In the very beginning Shri Vikas Kumar Gupta, National Organising Secretary, on behalf of the host unit, welcomed the Hon’ble Chief Guest Dr. Manoj Kumar Rajak, Additional Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad; Guests of honour Dr. Arvind Kumar, Deputy Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad, Shri Rajesh Kumar, Deputy Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad; and all the participating delegates from different parts of the country. The name of Shri Ashim Pramanick, the national President of the association was proposed to preside over the meeting. It was seconded by Shri Sankar Kumar Saha, Shri Vikash Kumar Gupta and Shri Indramohan Chaudhury. Everyone sang the national anthem in unison to mark the beginning of the proceedings. Shri (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Rajak, IRS was requested to inaugurate the programme by kindling the lamp and declaring the session open. The President initiated the discussions and gave his inaugural address. He pointed out the fact that it was a great privilege for all of us to assemble on the land of Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi Ji and that too, on the birthday of another great soul of this country Shri Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. We should show our respect to the great patriots through our actions as public servant in nation building in our own capacity and at our own level. The Chief Guest and the special guests also expressed happiness for organizing such a meeting at the national level in Ahmedabad. They urged to consider the need of the department and also assured to take forward our issues to the appropriate echelon for suitable disposal. Then the Secretary General thanked the Chief Guest and the Guests of honour for attending the convention and providing the encouragement and impetus to this association. Subsequently, the proceeding of the meeting of the Gujarat committee began. The representatives from various parts of the state of Gujarat posted at different Commissionerates attended the meeting (Link list). The all India association was receiving repeated requests from various Commissionerates and units of the state of Gujarat to give separate affiliations to their local units. It was impressed upon them that an all Gujarat committee be formed because that is expected to strengthen the organization and in that case the number of members would be sizable and in the event of any organizational activity this will help. A small organization cannot take strong step at the time of necessity. So they have to remain united and strengthen the organization. Accordingly, it was decided to hold a meeting at Ahmedabad to form a committee for the entire state of Gujarat. Representatives offered their opinions and after long deliberation and under the supervision of the all India committee, an all Gujarat Committee was constituted unanimously (Link list). Shri Chetan Shah, former Vice-President of the all India Association and now a Superintendent, contributed positively towards formation of an all Gujarat Committee. The committee will represent the ministerial officers posted in the state of Gujarat and they will be affiliated with the All India body and they will provide the assistance to the all India association and also abide by the call of the all India body. The all India leaders expressed satisfaction over the formation of an all Gujarat Committee by full consensus and it was also assured to the Gujarat committee that all assistance will be provided by the all India body whenever required. In the post lunch session, the discussion on all India issues were taken up. The Secretary General initiated the discussion and briefed the delegates about the development of the following burning issues: 1. Recruitment Rules of Executive Assistant and the action taken by the association and their developments. 2. Developments on our efforts on one time relaxation in the Recruitment Rules. 3. Promotion to the post of Chief Accounts Officer. 4. Issues related to pay to be decided following the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission. The Secretary General explained in details as to how this association has taken steps in every moment to protect the interest of the members of this association. All representations were made in time and authorities were approached. Shri Ram Lalit, Liaison Secretary, then briefed the latest status on each of the issues. In fact, Shri Ram Lalit visited Delhi enroute Ahmedabad to take stock of the issues and pursued all the issues at appropriate levels. It was informed that Board is not at all positive and responsive to our requests. The Member (P&V) has given assurances on several occasions on the issues of OTR, EA and CAO DPC. But from the experience, it is found that none of the assurances have been realized. In fact, it was noted with great concern that even the file on One Time Relaxation (OTR) has been kept unattended and nothing is moving and even on the RR of EA board is not taking any action to either amend or give any dispensation to our members. Then the members from different zones deliberated upon the issues (Link name list). They took part in the discussion. They explained the problems being faced by the members. They also suggested to take strong action. The option of agitation was also mooted in the meeting. It was discussed at length. The advantages and disadvantages were also discussed. The option for going for legal battle for Recruitment Rules of EA was also mooted after prolonged discussion. It was decided to adopt a too pronged approach on the issue of RR of EA and TA. We will approach at senior level such as the Secretary, Revenue, Govt. of India and above to apprise of our grievances and particularly the disparity that exists between CBDT and CBEC in the matter of RR of EA and TA. If such efforts fail, then we shall go for agitation. Simultaneously, it was also decided to approach the Principal CAT, Delhi at an appropriate time and after further consultations to redress our grievances on RR. Again on the question on one time relaxation, it was decided to follow the sections as well as at the higher levels. If those efforts fail, then similarly on this issue also the all India association will go for agitation with the assistance of all affiliated units. It was also informed that the association is trying its level best to get the CAO DPC done at the earliest. The efforts put in by Shri V Gurukumar and other Comrades of Hyderabad Unit to do the ground work are remarkable. It was again urged upon to all the delegates present, to see that the reports on VC/IC of the concerned officers of their zone are sent immediately, so that the DPC can take place in a month or two. It was also decided to press hard for publication of the next Seniority List of Administrative Officer and Secretary General explained the efforts taken by this association in this regard. Regarding Pay disparity between the CBDT and CBEC, it was decided to approach Secretary, Revenue and if that fails, other action would also be initiated. Some zones, particularly Mumbai zone reported that the instructions of the Board are not being followed in their zone. They specifically pointed out that the Board’s instruction dated 3rd Nov 2014, clarifying the fact that any officer who has qualified the examination within the age of 50 can be considered even after the age of 50, has not been implemented in Mumbai zone despite several requests even after clarification from the Board. The zone was assured that any assistance required would be extended by the all India body. It was also decided to refer the matter to the Board. The Vizag zone also expressed their problems in details. The zone has given a very vivid picture about the problems being faced by the ministerial officers and also given suggestions to redress such problems. Patna zone highlighted the fact that the order of Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh in the matter of promotion from erstwhile Group-D to LDC has not been implemented in their zone while that has been implemented in other zones. The zone was also advised to take up the issue appropriately with the zonal authority. They should first get all information on this issue and take up the matter with the concerned authority. All India association will extend the support as and when it is required. It was a real show of strength and unity. On organizational front the following important decisions were taken: 1. Shri Sankar Kumar Saha who was officiating as Secretary General, after the promotion of G. Samdani Khan to the post of Inspector, has been unanimously elected as Secretary General for the complete tenure till the next convention. 2. Shri Ram Lalit shall hold both the portfolio of Assistant Secretary General and Liaison Secretary. 3. Shri Prosenjit Pandey and Shri Suman Sarkar have been appointment as Treasurer and Office Secretary respectively, as they both are stationed at Kolkata, the place where the Secretary General belongs to. 4. The Bank Account of the association lying in the Bank of Maharastra in Pune will be transferred to Kolkata and will now be operated by any two of the following three office bearers: (a) Shri Ashim Pramanick, President (b) Shri Sankar Kumar Saha, Secretary General (c) Shri Prosenjit Pandey, Treasurer. Shri Shivaji Valu, General Secretary of the Pune zone assured to take all action to transfer the Bank Account of the Association from Pune to Kolkata. 5. All the federating units shall furnish the list of members of their respective units along with the DDO’s certificate (Annexure-II), showing the number of members, contributing the subscriptions. Such list may be prepared as on 01.04.2016 as the all India Body is required to initiate the process of renewal of recognition and submit the necessary documents to the board – action Organization Secretary. 6. Upon operation of the Bank Account of the all India body all the federating units shall contribute their due subscriptions to the all India body. The share of contribution has been revised from Rs. 5/- per member per month to Rs. 10/- per member per month - action Treasurer. Every one vowed to stay together and fight together and at the end of the meeting everybody noted the efforts taken by Shri Vikash Kumar Gupta, Shri Indramohan Choudhary, Shri Kishor Parmar and other leaders of Ahmedabad Unit. They made this meeting a grand success. This meeting has provided the opportunity to the delegates of this association from all over the country to share their anxiety and pain together to look for the solutions. It was agreed by one and all to fight for the cause of the ministerial association and to go to any extent to protect the interest of our members. The President thanked everybody for their participation and contribution and concluded the proceedings.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Following is the message from Organising Secretary to President/General  Secretary of all affiliated units of AICESTMOA. The signed copy is also placed at bottom.

The President/General Secretary,
All affiliated units of All India Central Excise
& Service Tax Ministerial Officers’ Association.

Dear Comrades!

Subject :- Renewal of Recognition of the Association- Remittance of subscription-submission of DDO Certificates- reg.

May I once again draw your kind attention over the fact that the recognition of this association is required to be renewed on or before 03rd March 2017 as the last extension for renewal of 5 years was granted w.e.f. 04th March 2012.

2.         Thus recognition of this Association is going to expire on 03rd March 2017 i.e. within approximately 7 months. In this context, it will be pertinent to mention here that if the Association is able to address letters to the Board/Ministry on the grievances and ensure that they are heard, it is only due to the fact that today ours is a recognized Association. The recognition to all India body of this Association also enables the local units to raise the local issues before the local authorities. Further, the National/Local leaders of this Association also take part in the Departmental Meetings/JCMs, because they are entitled to do so as being part of a recognized Association. The advantages of a recognized Association are many and are well known. Thus it is our binding responsibility to get the process completed well within time for getting the further renewal of recognition from the govt.

 3.        In order to renew the recognition it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the necessary documents including the DDO certificates are submitted to the Ministry in Advance apart from the audited statement of Accounts of the subscription received during the last two Years. Further, Article 6(f) of the bye-laws of the Association provides that “From the subscription collected by the various units, the proportionate share of the Association should be remitted to the Association”. In this regard, as per decision taken during All India Convention held in Hyderabad on 16th May 2015, Rs 10/- per month i.e. Rs 120/- per year per member is to be remitted to the All India Association along with DDO certificate.

4.         Further, kind attention is also invited towards blog message dated 24th June 2016 of the Secretary General, relevant part of which is reproduced below :-

“The DDO’s Certificate (Annexure-II) for submission with the Board, is also required from each zone for renewal of recognition, which will be due in early 2017.  A separate circular is being issued on this front.  The official bank account of this association has been transferred from Pune to Kolkata and it is made operative. The association activities in some parts of the country are bare minimum or nil, at the moment. It is reiterated that a strong zonal association can take up the zonal issues with the respective CCA vigorously.”

However, despite the above request of the Secretary General as well as request of the President to the zonal/ unit representatives on various occasions viz. Hyderabad Convention and special meeting in Ahmedabad, to remit their share of the subscription amount to the All India Association, barring a few none of the leaders has responded to the said request.

Therefore it is once again requested that all the Zonal unit representatives may kindly remit their subscription to the All India Association immediately, without any further delay. An amount of Rs.120/- per member has to be remitted to the All India Account by way of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Association or remitted directly to the Association’s Account.

 5.         Further, all the Zonal/unit representatives are requested to kindly obtain and forward the Annexure–II i.e., DDO certificates in the prescribed format to the undersigned immediately to the address mentioned below :-

National Organizing Secretary,
All India Central Excise & Service Tax Ministerial Officers’ Association,
1st Floor, Custom House, Near All India Radio,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380 009
FAX:- 079-27544463
Email:- aiccemofadi@gmail.com”

The certificate may be obtained for the Annual Year 2016-17. The zonal/unit representatives should strive to achieve 100% enrolment of Members in their respective zone and try to achieve the maximum number of DDO certificates possible latest by 05th October 2016.

6.         It is once again reiterated that the renewal of recognition by submitting the DDO certificates and audited statement of accounts in time and any failure to do so will result in huge and catastrophic loss to the entire cadre which will then be difficult to overcome. The absence of recognition cannot be even imagined at this crucial juncture, as we have many unresolved issues related to Ministerial cadre. Therefore, all the responsible leaders are requested to take necessary steps and ensure that the requisite number of DDO certificates, are submitted as soon as possible, latest by 05th October, 2016 and the subscriptions as mentioned above.

Yours Comradely,

 (Vikas Kumar Gupta)
                   Organizing Secretary

 Signed Copy Pg1Pg 2

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Dear Comrades,

          We would like to congratulate all our Senior colleagues who have been promoted to Chief Accounts Officer (CAO).  It is a success of our persistent effort towards achieving this promotion.  We would also like to place our appreciation on records for all those comrades at various zones who have contributed to the cause.  We also thank our Board for granting this promotion.  CAO PROMOTION ORDER HAS BEEN ISSUED TODAY AND THE SAME IS GIVEN BELOW:


Date of Uploading
Brief Description

Yours Comradely,

             Sd/-                               Sd/-

(Ashim Pramanick)      (Sankar Kumar Saha)
        President                 Secretary General

Monday, August 15, 2016

Othe eve of 70th Independence day, President, Secretary General and all Executive Body members of AICESTMOA wish you and your family a very Happy Independence Day.

Sunday, August 14, 2016



            We know that you all are busy with the work of preparation of statements of new pay and calculation of arrears on that, as per recommendation of 7th CPC, the Gazette notification for which was published on 25 July 2016 (Notification) and subsequently Office Memorandum was issued on 29 July 2016 (OM). You might have just finished the work related to the annual increment w.e.f. 01 July and AGT of officers of various grades. I am sure that our officers are doing all these work effectively and correctly, besides their routine work. Please do not forget to collect the Form of option and undertaking from each individual officer, as per annexure of given OM, before finalising pay & arrears.

            This association has been constantly pursuing the pending issues with Board and some correspondences have been made on the developments in last couple of months. We have written letter to newly appointed honourable MoSF for removal of disparity with CBDT pertaining to our pay and promotional prospects (Pg 1, Pg 2). We also wrote to honourable Minister and other Board officials for effective implementation of 7th CPC recommendation with respect to the pay parity with CBDT and other formations. (Letter to MoSF Pg 1, Pg 2). We have also forwarded letter pertaining to the publication of Recruitment Rules (RRs) of Inspector in CBEC (see letter). It is my pleasure to inform that CBEC has issued a letter on 2nd August 2016 (Letter), addressed to all CCAs, to fill up all vacant (Pre and post cadre restructuring) Group B & C posts on the basis of existing RRS, as has been demanded by this association (our submission Pg 1, Pg 2). I hope the work, to that effect, has already been commenced in all the zones. Zonal leaders are requested to pursue it with their respective CCAs. We have, once again, requested honourable Chairman, CBEC to look into our pending issues and grant us an appointment (Letter).

            It has been noticed that CBDT has put the draft RRs of Inspector and EA in their website, in which the qualifying service in the feeder grade posts has been proposed as three years in both. We are going to approach CBEC to have the parity with CBDT in both the RRs.

            This association is also trying its level best to get the DPC for CAO conducted in this month itself so that our senior AOs may have some good news. We are also in touch with Board to get the amended RRs for Administrative Officer, at the earliest.

            AICESTMOA wishes all its members and their families a very happy ‘Independence day’.

                                                                                              (Sankar Kr. Saha)
                                                                                              Secretary General

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Dear Comrades,

          Good evening, everybody.  As you know, NJCA has deferred the decision of indefinite strike, as of now, we are not going to have any programme of "black badge" etc. until further decision.  Besides Pay Commission, we have other issues to settle, so we need to continue to struggle till we achieve our desired result.  So be united and work together, towards building a strong association.  I convey my sincere thanks to the leaders, who took pain to call urgent meetings and forwarded the resolution/views of members, on strike call.

Yours Comradely,

(Sankar Kumar Saha)
Secretary General


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From :

(Ashim Pramanick)                &                  (Sankar Kumar Saha)

      President                                                Secretary General

Friday, June 24, 2016

Message from Secretary General

Dear Comrades,

            In continuation to my earlier report of Delhi visit, I would like to share the details of discussion held in the meeting with Shri Jayant Sinha, honourable Minister of State for Finance, in presence of Member (Admin) and Joint Secretary (Admin). Of course, the meeting was an outcome of our efforts to get an appointment with the Hon’ble Minister, highlighting the disparity between CBEC and CBDT (Request letter Pg1, Pg2Pg 3).

            At the outset, the Minister extended us a warm welcome. After the introduction, our president initiated the discussion by projecting the difference in pay structure in the grade of Administrative officers and had a rigorous parley to make him understand that CBEC has never shown much interest to increase the grade pay of AO to Rs. 4800/-, neither any serious attempt was made to replicate the hierarchical structure of CBDT. We adduced the copies of all our submissions, to different officials of Board and Pay Commission, in front of him to make him realize our legitimate demands. The Member (Admin) stated that all our demands have already been forwarded to Empowered Committee of 7th Pay Commission. However, it was not clarified as to whether our demands have been seconded by our Board. It was also pointed out that obtaining the approval of the Cabinet to restructure the Administrative Wing on par with CBDT could be difficult. However, on our repeated submissions, Minister advised the Board to liaise with CBDT on this front.  Subsequently, another submission has been made with the Minister to pursue the issue of Pay Scale even further (Submission Pg 1, Pg 2).

            As regards to disparity of promotional aspects of CBEC and CBDT our presentation was equally strong as we argued with, starting from DoPT guidelines for framing of RR to the different RRs that are being followed in these two Boards. We projected the conditions of present Tax Assistants and conveyed him that there would be none to give option of joining CBEC, if the RR of EA is not amended. We also submitted the papers to show as to how CBDT continues to give promotion to STA, even relaxing the qualifying service from three years to two years. To make him understand the clear disparity, we put forward the RRs of TA of two Boards (Submission Pg 1, Pg 2)

            The Hon’ble minister appreciated that there was disparity in both pay structure and promotional aspects between two Boards and advised our Board to sort out the reasons of discrepancies. The meeting lasted about 40 minutes and ended in cordiality.

            Meanwhile, I would like to inform you that the effort on the part of the Association to address the problems through legal path, simultaneously, is expected to yield some result.  Some TAs of Delhi zone have come together to file a case, for amendment of EA RR, to CAT Principal Bench. They have already appointed the lawyers and prepared the case file.  

            Brief on other issues:

(i)            The proposal for review DPC as well as promotional DPC for promotion to Chief Accounts Officer has been sent to UPSC and we hope to get positive news in a few days.
(ii)       It is learnt that the file on One Time Relaxation for promotion to the grade of Inspector has been returned to the section. It is presumed that Member (Admin) has raised some queries. There appears to be not much of a movement on this front. However, we continue to strive for the same (Submission).
(iii)         We have also written letter to fill up the additional posts, created through cadre restructuring in all grades (Submission Pg 1, Pg 2)

            Regarding our participation in the strike call given by the NJCA, we would support the move morally and involve ourselves in some activities, protesting the Pay Commission report, after giving due notice to the Board. Such programmes will be intimated in due course of time. The leadership is continuously vetting our next steps keeping in mind our meeting with the Minister.

       It is understood that constant persuasion with Board is required to get the updates/result from the Board. The financial condition of the association is in a bad shape as there has been no subscription amount deposited in the national bank account, except by Bihar & Jharkhand Zone. It is not possible for Kolkata and Chandigarh zone alone to always provide fund to meet the expenses for office bearers to move to Delhi whenever required. In fact no further move is possible if the other zones keep quiet in this respect. The DDO’s Certificate (Annexure-II) for submission with the Board, is also required from each zone for renewal of recognition, which will be due in early 2017.  A separate circular is being issued on this front.  The official bank account of this association has been transferred from Pune to Kolkata and it is made operative. The association activities in some parts of the country are bare minimum or nil, at the moment. It is reiterated that a strong zonal association can take up the zonal issues with the respective CCA vigorously.

                  Thanking you.

                                                                                                              Yours comradely,
                                                                                                          (Sankar Kumar Saha)
                                                                                                             Secretary General

Friday, June 10, 2016


Dear Comrades,

               Shri Ashim Pramanick, President, Shri Ram Lalit, ASG & Liaison Secretary and I have attended the meeting with Mr. Jayant Sinha, Hon'ble Minister of State for Finance, in presence of Member (Admin.) and JS (Admin.), in his office at 2 PM, today.  The Hon'ble Minister gave a patient hearing to our presentation and appreciated the disparity between CBEC and CBDT in the context of Pay structure and Recruitment Rules. Hon'ble Minister has advised our Board to take stock of the situation with reference to CBDT. The meeting ended with cordiality.Details followed....

Yours Comradely,

(Sankar Kumar Saha)
Secretary General

Thursday, May 26, 2016

REPORT OF OUR DELHI VISIT ON 19.05.2016 & 20.05.2016

Dear Comrades,

                     Shri Ramlalit, Assistant Secretary General and I have been to Delhi on 19th and 20th May, 2016.  We visited all concerned offices to find out the status of the pending issues.  20th morning, we had a meeting with Member (Admin.), in presence of JS (Admin.), DS and US.  Here is the gist of the following issues:

     The file of CAO promotion is being put up for sending the proposals to UPSC.


   Updated Seniority List of Administrative Officers, onwards 2008 to 2014 is now ready, barring two small things which are being sorted out and they have been contacted. 


   On the matter of One Time Relaxation of existing Recruitment Rules the Board will intimate the status of relaxation of RRs of each grades.


    It is learnt that the new amended Recruitment Rules of Administrative Officer is under process.


    On the issue of withdrawal/amendment of new Recruitment Rules for the post Executive Assistant, we have to write to Board to bring out the lapse on the part of Board and DoPT.  


    We have to submit afresh letter to the Board with full justification for granting pay parity and identical cadre structure with that of CBDT.


    On the issue of counting the length of service spent in the grade of Sepoy for promotion to the post of Tax Assistant, the file has got approved from DOPT and the order to that effect will be published soon.


    On the subject issue of consideration of additional vacancies for promotion with existing RR, created through Cadre Restructuring, it is learnt that presently the file is lying with JS.

    We will soon submit the papers to the Board as required and the submissions will be published in this Blog, as and when the same are done. In the Meanwhile, an ad-hoc committee of Delhi Unit has been formed and they are in touch with lawyers for withdrawal/amendment of the RR of EA.

Yours Comradely,


(Sankar Kumar Saha)
Secretary General

Monday, May 16, 2016

Following two letters have been submitted to the Board for kind consideration:

1. Comments submitted for proposal for amendment of Recruitment Rules of Administrative Officer (Group-B Post), 2013.

2.  Request for grant of promotion against additional vacancies created through Cadre Restructuring, 2013. 

Monday, May 2, 2016


Dear Comrades,
             Kind attention is drawn to the Board's recent letter under F.No.8/B/85/ HRD(HRM)/2015/5317-5373 dated 13th April, 2016 posted below and accordingly all zonal leaders are requested to pursue with the concerned sections so that a positive reply is sent to the Board at the earliest.

   And secondly in response to DGHRD's letter dated 11.04.2016 the following comments submitted by this association is also posted below for information:    

Yours Comradely
(Snkar Kumar Saha)
Secretary General

Friday, April 22, 2016

REPORT OF OUR DELHI VISIT FROM 04.04.2016 TO 07.04.2016

Dear Comrades,
    In continuation to my earlier message, I would like to share the following about my visit to Delhi, along with Shri Ashim Pramanick, President, and Shri Ram Lalit, Liaison Secretary during 05th Apr 2016 to 07th Apr 2016.

DPC for CAO promotion:    Commendable work has been done by Shri V Guru Kumar and Shri P Reddy of Hyderabad unit to sort out pending VC/IC cases by communicating to different zones and brought down the number of pending cases to around 40. Presently, the pending cases are mostly from Lucknow and Bhubaneshwar zone. We have interacted with our leaders there, who have been putting all out efforts to forward the documents. Hope the file for conducting DPC will be put up soon.

One time Relaxation / promotion to AO, Inspector: The RRs for the post of AO is on the pipeline and the draft RR is already put up in the CBEC website (Click Here to see). The qualifying service for the promotion is kept as five years and for which the total service in the grade pay of Rs. 4200/- is kept as we demanded.

   During our conversation with Joint Secretary (Admin) and Deputy Secretary (Ad-IIIA), it reveals that doubts are not clear on the issue of One Time Relaxation in the post of Inspector. We had detail discussion with the present Deputy Secretary, regarding One time Relaxation to the posts of AO, Inspector, STA & TA, who has assumed charge in December 2015, on this issue. We tried to convince him as to why one time relaxation is required for these posts. The file for OTR of inspector is presently on his table.

    Both the JS(A) and the DS have inclined to the fact that the posts created as a result of cadre restructuring may be filled up with the existing RRs as is being done in the case of direct recruitment. A submission to this effect has been done for issuing clarification against the Board’s order dated 17.9.2015, so that the promotion can be given in different zones and the scan copy of our submission dated 06.04.2016 is posted below:

Withdrawal/Amendment of RR of EA: Our demand for withdrawal of RR for EA is not being entertained by the Board and they held the DoPT responsible, for not accepting the saving clause. It is understood, that we need to go to the higher official and accordingly putting the submission to MoS, Finance. The affected TAs may have to go to CAT to have their legitimate rights to have protection from the new RR. Discussions were held with the members of Delhi unit on this front and it is felt that we need to have a strong Delhi zonal association for this purpose. Some members have come forward to form the unit with all ministerial officers, which would take shape very soon, it is believed.

Counting of length of service rendered in the post of Sepoy for LDC/TA promotion: The counting of service rendered as Sepoy, before merger of the posts of Sepoy and Havaldar, are being considered by the Board as demanded by us. The file, learnt to have been sent to DoPT. We are hopeful of getting the positive result in near future.

Similar pay structure with CBDT and HQ Organisation:  As you are aware that a CoC has been formed with all the associations of CBDT and CBEC to have better and similar pay structure with HQ organisation and CBDT and also to materialize the demand of this cadre to the 7th Pay Commission. Our President is in constant touch with the CoC leadership to move ahead with it.

    Looking forward for your cooperation and support in future days. We need to strengthen ourselves to fight for our right. 

Yours Comradely,

(Sankar Kumar Saha)
Secretary General

Monday, April 11, 2016

MESSAGE OF DELHI VISIT FROM 05.04.2016 TO 07.04.2016

Dear Comrades,
          The President and myself had been to Delhi during the last week.  We were joined by Shri Ram Lalit, Liaison Secretary at Delhi.  We took stalk of the status of various issues and pursued them at the concerned levels of CBEC.  The issues are as under:
1.    Much delayed promotion to Chief Accounts Officer (CAO).
2.    One Time Relaxation for promotion to Administrative Officer, Inspector & Senior Tax Assistant.
3.    Promotion against newly created posts on the basis of the existing Recruitment Rules.
4.    Counting of the length of service of Sepoy as qualifying service in the post of Havaldar for the purpose of promotion of LDC to the post of TA.
5.    Notification of the Recruitment Rules of Executive Assistant (EA) at variance with that of CBDT.
6.    Recruitment Rules and Seniority List of Administrative Officer.
7.    Revision of Pay and assignment of up-graded Pay structure in the wake of implementation of 7th Pay Commission.

The developments on certain issues were positive, whereas, on certain other issues it was not so bright.  We followed up everything and met the Senior Officers to expedite them.  Details are being placed in our subsequent message.

On organizational front we decided to firm up our ties with CoC.  Though we could not take part in the CoC meeting held on 28.03.2016 for an unavoidable reasons, our President was in constant touch with the CoC leadership.  It was felt that issues relating to up-gradation of Pay can be better pursued from a bigger platform like CoC  (Minutes of the CoC meeting held on 28.03.2016 is linked herewith).

We also finally took a call to go for judicial redressal on the disparity of the Recruitment Rules of Executive Assistant with that of CBDT.  Shri Ram Lalit along with some Comrades of Delhi Unit will finalize the netegrity in due time and as early as possible.

I am sure that you will be keen to know on the developments to your career advancement.  But right now I don’t have the finished product for you on my way back from Delhi.  But we will take all practicable and possible steps.
     Looking forward to interact you through my next message.  

Yours Comradely,

(Sankar Kumar Saha)

Secretary General

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


4th Reminder letter signed by Secretary General has been submitted today i.e. 02.03.16 to the Secretary (Revenue), requesting him to grant us an appointment to ventilate the glaring disparity between the ministerial officers of CBDT & CBEC and at the same time Board has issued a letter on Relaxation of provisions of existing RRs for the post of Inspector (CX), Inspector (PO) and Inspector (Examiner) under CBEC  both are posted below:

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Dear Comrades,

                  As we have mentioned in our submission dated 18.02.2016 made to Hon'ble Secretary (Revenue) that not to celebrate the Central Excise Day on 24th Feb, 2016, I would like to inform you that assurance has been given from the Office of the Secretary (Revenue) that an appointment will be arranged during 2nd week of March, 2016.  Hence, the plan for not celebrating the Central Excise Day on 24th February is dropped.  This has been decided after having a discussion with the President of AICESTMOA.  The future course of action will be intimated accordingly.

Yours comradely,

(Sankar Kumar Saha)
Secretary General