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Dear Comrades, In continuation to my earlier message on 19.12.2014 let me share some of the details on each of the following issues which were taken up during our last visit to Delhi:- 1. Promotion to Chief Accounts Officer (CAO) and updating of Seniority List of Administrative Officers: While it is necessary to update the Seniority List of Administrative Officers, but the same should not be linked with holding of the next DPC of CAO. It was emphasized that Senior Administrative Officers are retiring every month without getting the promotion, despite availability of vacancy in the post of CAO. We have made a submission on this front (Click to see the copies of letters no. 1.Member(P&V) -Page1 & Page2, 2.JS(Admin.) and 3.Chairman). Member (P&V) was in agreement with our suggestion and assured that necessary action will be initiated to hold the DPC for promotion to CAO on the basis of the final Seniority List of Administrative Officer (updated upto 2008). The Member (P&V) has also assured to see that the Seniority List of Administrative Officer is updated on receipt of full facts from the zone (reports were pending from Mumbai, Chennai and DG Inspection as on date). 2. Promotion to the post of Inspector: This Association has made two separate submissions (Click to see the copies for relaxation letters no. 1.Member(P&V) and 2.DGHRD) and (also Click for Retention clause letters no. 1.Chairman, 2.JS(Admin.) and 3.Member(P&V)-Page1 and Page2, one on relaxation of provisions of the existing Recruitment Rule and the other on incorporation of “Retention” clause in the forthcoming Recruitment Rule of Inspector. The issues were discussed at length with Member (P&V), Deputy Secretary, Ad.IIIA & Ad.IIIB and Under Secretary, Ad.IIIA & Ad.IIIB. It was assured that the same will be examined. We need to follow rigorously on this front. I request the zonal leaders to come forward and make a concerted effort. 3. Operation of existing Recruitment Rule of Senior Tax Assistant (STA): It has been the phenomena in most zones that the additional posts created in Executive Assistant (EA), are not being filled up for want of Recruitment Rule of EA etc. It was requested to issue a clarification on this front (Click to see the copies of the letters no. 1.Chairman, 2.JS(Admin.) and 3.Member(P&V)-Page1 & Page2). The fact remains that the existing Recruitment Rule of STA is still in vogue till the RR of EA is notified and it was requested to operate that RR to fill up the vacancies. The response was also positive and we expect some clarification from the Board. 4. Relaxation/Amendment in the Recruitment Rule of Tax Assistant (TA): We have been making this request for quite some time to amend/relax the Recruitment Rule of TA to facilitate promotion from LDC. Board has also assured earlier to consider this request. We once again made similar request to Member (P&V) (Click to see the copies of the letters no. 1.Chairman-Page1 & Page2, 2.Member(P&V)-Page1 & Page2). As tried to impress upon you that issues are required to be followed up on a regular basis to ensure some result. We are certainly lacking on this front. We don’t have the organization manpower to run an effective show at this moment. Thus it is imperative to induct some broadminded, energetic and willing person in the field of All India Association. I have already told you that All India Convention is likely to be held in Hyderabad in 2nd or 3rd week of April, 2015 to come and join us there.

Monday, September 23, 2013


OUR VISIT TO DELHI DURING 10TH TO 12TH  September, 2013 –

The highlight of the recent visit of the office bearers of this Association with Revenue Secretary and Hon’ble Chairperson of CBEC on 12/9/2013 at 4 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. respectively. The following points were taken up for discussion in accordance with a pre determined agenda:-

(1) Promotions to CAO:-  In the face of vigorous persuasion of this Association, it was assured that one DPC for the years 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 is most likely to be held in very soon. 

(2) All India Seniority list of A.O.:-  DGHRD is updating the All India Seniority list of A.O.  as on 31.12.2008 again. In this connection, the DGHRD has requested vide letter F.No.8/B/67/HRD(HRM)2011 dated 12.09.2013 to all Cadre Controlling Authorities to forward the seniority list of AO of their respective Zones.

(3) Recruitment Rule of A.O.:– It has been informed that Recruitment        Rule of A.O. has been sent to the Law Ministry and presently lying for translation to Hindi, following which it will go for notification in the official Gazette. 

(4) Pay Scales for A.O.: – It was pointed out by the leadership that Department of Expenditure is making certain submissions in the court of law through which they have acceded to the recommendation concerning parity between Headquarters organization and field formations like us. Board may take up the issue afresh with Department of Expenditure on the basis of their submissions before judicial fora.  Revenue Secretary has been very kind to accept our request and directed to do the needful.

(5)  Recruitment Rule of Inspector and age relaxation: - The Association vehemently argued for incorporation of a suitable clause in the new RR to protect the qualifying service i.e. – 2 years of present STAs & 10 years of TAs and Stenographers as well in terms of the DoPT’s guidelines.  It was also requested to remove age bar together and extent their facilities even before notification of new RR.  The Hon’ble Chairperson has been very kind to appreciate the Board for incorporation of a suitable provision for retention of the present qualifying service in the new RR and issued necessary direction to the concerned officers.  On age relaxation also, the response was positive.  We have submitted a separate representation seeking age relaxation even before notification of new RR.

(6)  Cadre Restructuring:-  The leadership pointed out that nothing has been conveyed to this Association on Cadre Restructuring proposals which has been altered many a times in the recent past.  The Revenue Secretary advised to submit a representation on this issue.  Subsequently, this Association was able to submit a representation with 4 tier structure of A.O. to the Revenue Secretary with a copy to Chairperson.  The Cadre-restructuring file is still pending with Committees of Secretaries and once it is cleared it will be sent to Cabinet.
                                       Click here to view the letter

(7) 100% promotion to the grade of Inspector : This Association was able to submit a representation for 100% Promotion to the grade of Inspector in the ongoing Cadre Restructuring to the Revenue Secretary with a copy to Chairperson.

                                                Click here to view the letter

The leadership of this Association also pursued DGHRD officials for preparation of All India Seniority list of A.O. and an early date of the CAO DPC  Besides we move around all the concerned administrative sections Ad.IIA & Ad.IIIB of CBEC and met the officials to pursue our issues, detailed above.  Over all it was a pretty successful tour which has engendered some kind of optimism.  

       Comradely Yours
      Tarun Kumar Seal                                Ashim Pramanik
Asstt. Secretary General                              President



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