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FLASH !!!! APPOINTMENT WITH MEMBER (P&V) OF CBEC AT 11.30 HRS. ON 21st JULY, 2015Blogger Tips and Tricks


Shri Ashim Pramanick (President), Mr. G. Samdani Khan (Secretary General), Shri Shankar Kumar Saha (AGS), Shri Ram Lalit (AGS), Shri Vikash Kumar Gupta (Organising Secretary) and other Office bearers will be in Delhi from 21.07.2015 to 23.07.2015 and will attend the meeting with Hon'ble Member (P&V) on 21.07.15 at 11.30 a.m. and have sought appointment with Board Chairman during the period of stay in Delhi to discuss and to know the present status of our four agenda points given in the appointment letter below:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Pune, the 1st November, 2011
Dear Members,

Kindly refer to the earlier post, wherein the list of deficiencies pointed out by the UPSC for holding DPC for promotion to the grade of CAO, was placed on the blog, with a request for making good the deficiencies.

It is sad and indeed painful that even after a lapse of about two months the said deficiencies have not been set right owing to which the file has not been submitted to the UPSC. It is once again requested to all the concerned members more particularly the officers from the AO cadre, to kindly look into this at a personal level and ensure that  a reply is furnished immediately. The list of deficiencies are placed below for information. Soft copy of the same can be downloaded by clicking here.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas Mony
Secretary General

For any clarification and/or confirmation of receipt of the documents, members may contact Shri.Awinash Chander, Section Officer, Ad.IIA, CBEC, New Delhi on 011-23095533

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