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Myself along with G. Samdani Khan, Organizing Secretary and other Comrades from West Bengal, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Punjab have been on the move over the last three days visiting the various formations of the Board (CBEC). We summoned our all energy to pursue various issues, facing the well being of our members across the country. During our visit, we met Member (P&V) and had detailed discussions with the Deputy Secretaries and Under Secretaries of Ad.IIA/IIIA/IIIB/IV on the following issues:We have also submitted several representations which are linked with the message. The Association appreciates the cry of our members for relaxation in various form in the RR of Inspector for facilitations of promotions. But the unfortunate part is that replies to Board’s letter dated 09.02.2015 is wanting from many zones even after two and half months. Basic data about availabilities of vacancies and proposals from the Chief Commissioners were called for. In absence of the same, the proposals from the Board could not be firmed up. It is expected that a reminder letter will be issued shortly and the zonal leaders make it a point to pursue with their zonal administration to send the desired report to the Board at the earliest.It is also to be kept in mind that DoPT is not inclined to provide any relief in the old RR since the new one is already under consideration. We need to get our act together to impress the Authority in this regard. I hope the leadership will discuss the issue at length and take a call in the coming All India convention at Hyderabad to be held on 16.05.2015 (Saturday).This Association requested to consider the following relaxations vide our submissions dated 23.04.2015. The RR of Inspector, Executive Assistant (EA) and Stenographer Grade-I are under active consideration at various levels. We believe that some relief can only be provided if the “Retention Clause” is incorporated in the new RR. These, we have been pursuing for quite some time. However DoPT has to agree for that. We have submitted yet another representation on the said subject (CLICK HERE TO SEE) and also discussed with the concerned officers. I think that there is no room for complacency and the Hyderabad convention should deliberate the ways and means to achieve the same being of so much of vital importance for the future of the cadre. Despite our best efforts all necessary records are yet to be received by the Board as on 24.04.2015. Some information are still wanting for 11 officers (CLICK HERE TO SEE Page-1 &Page-2). Our Comrades from West Bengal, Delhi and Hyderabad zone have come forward to pursue the issue. It is not possible to give any tentative deadline at this stage. However the best efforts are on. Board’s communication dated 15.04.2015 regarding re-designation of posts of Deputy Office Superintendent (DOS) and Senior Tax Assistant (STA) has created a great deal of confusion in various zones. Decision of the government to re-designate such posts was taken in December, 2013. It is not clear as to what prompted the Board to convey the said decision after one and half years, since it was initially conveyed on 18.12.2013. Issue was appropriately taken up (CLICK HERE TO SEE). It was pointed out that such re-designated post of Executive Assistant (EA) will only take effect from the date of notification of new RR. It was also requested to fill up the vacant posts of Administrative Officer (AO) by relaxing the existing RR of AO. The detail exercise is required to stake a stronger claim on the subject. I request All India Zonal leaders to provide the following information through mail at my E-mail Id – As you aware that we have already given submission to 7th CPC. We visited the office of 7th CPC in person and sought an appointment with them. We also submitted the hard copy of our representation and met the officials. It was assumed that appointment will be given to us with the Commission in their good office where sufficient time will be provided. May I request our members to come and deliberate at Hyderabad at length, so that we can take up all the issues appropriately before 7th CPC. Before I conclude this message I once again request the representatives of all the zones to attend the Hyderabad convention scheduled on 16th May, 2015. Kindly keep in touch with the following Comrades:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Office bearers of our All India Federation - President


Comradely Yours
Ashim Pramanik

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Message from the outgoing Secretary General

Pune, the 28th August, 2012
Dear friends in service,
        We a handful few, have been acutely aware of the essentiality and the importance of building up of an organization both at the local level and the national level, for which the first step was taken in 2003.

        Right from the inception, every effort has been put in to create an organization which works for the upliftment of the cadre, bringing in awareness & transparency among its members, remains united in achieving its goals and simultaneously ensures that the Administration is assisted in every possible manner, thus making the organization proud.

        In the initial stages of organization building, there were many a hurdles faced mainly because of certain traditions and age old practices coupled with the drastic implications of Cadre Restructuring 2002, which were overcome slowly and steadily, and today we can surely boast of having been successful in some endeavours, with a special mention of the Herculean efforts put in during the Implementation of Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court judgment, which has brought in a feeling of satisfaction among the members, thus boosting their morale.

        It has been a privilege indeed, to take over the leadership of the Cadre at a stage when the Restructuring issue was gaining momentum.  Though the merger of Data Entry Operators with the Ministerial cadre was objected to, by my predecessors and the Central Board of Excise & Customs, owing to interference in the policy decision of the Board by other Departments, the Board was compelled to merge the erstwhile DEO Cadre in the Ministerial mainstream at the last moment, in order to witness the file go through the Cabinet approval. The relevant portions of the notings can be accessed by clicking here and are also placed below for information.

        I would be failing in my duties, if I do not acknowledge the sincere and hard work put in by many of the office bearers during implementation of Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court judgment & lifting of Ban on Inter-Commissionerate Transfers, attending the Anomaly Committee meetings, discussions in the meeting related to Cadre Restructuring, pay related matters etc., to be very specific, and in general the support extended by the various Units affiliated to the All India Body.  The seed was sown and slowly the harvest was being reaped in some way or the other.  However, with the alleviation of some active office bearers from the All India Body, the Ministerial Cadre could not witness the most important agenda points, prioritized by the All India Body, receiving appropriate results. I am sure sincere and hard work always pays and the new body would follow up all the pending matters.

        As no King can rule with empty coffers, so also no organization can perform without monetary help. I take this opportunity to point out the broadmindedness and unity of the members of this Association in various Units and across the country, in defending litigations and taking initiatives, which were awe-inspiring. The ultimate recognition is yet to come.  We have to emerge victorious in the various litigations pending decision in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India where-after the affected Ministerial officers would surely find the right placement in the respective grades of Senior Tax Assistant and Tax Assistant post 2002 & 2003 respectively. 

        My continuous association with New Delhi and interaction with National office bearers of other Associations under CBEC in forums like Joint Action Committee etc., did bring in a conviction that until and unless all the individual Associations come under a single banner of All India Federation constituting of respective Associations, similar to that of CBDT, positive results would not emerge in time.  Similar belief is shared by many office bearers of our Association and the sentiment is shared by the other Associations too.

        After the elevation of myself and Mr.Chokkalingam to the executive grade, the posts which were held by us fell vacant. During the Convention held at Indore on the 25th of August, 2012 a new energetic body has been constituted which would surely maintain the desired follow-up and appropriate results/positive outcome shall surely be reaped in the following issues like :-

i)      Timely conduction of DPC for promotion to the grade of CAO.
ii)      Grant of regular promotions to the officers in the grade of AO.
iii)     Implementation of Hon’ble Kolkotta Tribunal’s order relating     to pay scales for the grade of AO and DOS.
iv)     Early hearing of SLP filed in the seniority case before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
v)      Last but not the least, the ensuing Cadre Review that is likely   to shape the future of many members of this Association.

        Before concluding, I wish to acknowledge the relentless services rendered by Mrs.K.Nageshwari (from Hyderabad) & Mr.M.Chokkalingam (from Bangalore) in particular apart from many other office bearers and members of the cadre in helping me perform my role in the All India Association. I wish to place on record that we will continue to extend our services for the causes concerning Ministerial cadre and the cadre can look forward for an active involvement of these ex-members of our Association for the overall welfare of the cadre. [All of us will be available for any assistance and can be contacted on the phone/e-mail :- Myself – 09881139080 -, Mrs.K.Nageshwari – 09441887010 - , Mr.M.Chokkalingam – 09449889987- ]

        Lastly, on behalf of all those who have been alleviated to the cadre of Inspector, and have opted to continue with their service to the Ministerial cadre, we wish the new team of All India Association office bearers good luck and hope that whatever issues remained unsettled during our tenure, gets the required attention and the same gets settled at the earliest.

       Hereafter the blog shall be updated by the Secretary General Mr. Sudharshan and we hope the entire Ministerial community shall be kept updated of happenings on a much regular basis.  Hats off to the Indore and Bhopal unit who had put in such a marvelous arrangement & to the members of those units who depicted unity and strength even in a state when they are reeling under acute stagnation.  The frustration of these stagnated Ministerial officers surely deserves immediate attention of one and all.

        Sincerely yours,
(Thomas Mony

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Date:- 30.07.2012

Dear Members,

       Notice is hereby issued for holding the convention of the All India Central Excise & Service Tax Ministerial Officers’ Association, on the 25th of August, 2012, at Indore (M.P.). The venue of the convention is as under:-
Kanha Garden
(Near Bombay Hospital)

        All the Local/zonal unit leaders are requested to attend the convention positively. The Members/zonal leaders may kindly contact the local office Bearers Com. Dipak Paul, Indore - 09425957082 & Com. Nitin Jain, Indore - 09425348028 for confirmation and assistance. The number of delegates who are likely to attend the convention may kindly inform the undersigned on 09830068463.

Comradely yours,